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Via Keitele Canal from Lake Päijänne to Lake Keitele

At the north end of lake Päijänne in Vaajakoski, you'll arrive at the canal route that combines lakes Päijänne and Keitele. The route includes a total of five locks through which you'll rise a total of 21 metres above the surface of lake Päijänne. The canal route was finished in 1994 and its original purpose was serving log floating. Now that logs are no longer floated, the route is used by inland ships and boaters.

The canal route is an interesting boating place, and going through the locks is quite easy. The remote-controlled locks operate on a self-service principle and there is no need to be afraid of traffic jams. The route also includes plenty of interesting sights to see, so you shouldn't hurry your voyage.

You can also see the canal aboard an inland ship; the route starts from Jyväskylä and ends in Suolahti. Once a week, you can also take a ship to Viitasaari on the shore of northern lake Keitele.

The Päijänne-Keitele Canal Route combines lake Päijänne to the headwaters of river Kymijoki waterway enabling boating all the way to northern lake Keitele.